Stop Tweaking.

Start Knowing!

The next level of game balancing starts here.

Automate Game Balancing!

If game balance is not automated, even the slightest change in the game model or constants takes the game off balance and renders all the balance work done by hand worthless.

I offer a tool that automates game balance and takes it to the next level, so that changes in the game model or the constraints automatically update all game constants. I make sure that the game behaves the way you want it to.

What I can offer you:

triangle    No more hours of tweaking and testing by game designers.

triangle    No more extensive Excel sheets to keep track of all the in game constants and variables.

triangle   A platform that takes high level constraints as input, like “92% of the time, players should be able to win this cooperative game in 6 turns.” or “On average there should be 10.5 possible combinations in this match-3 game.”

triangle   A platform that takes high level constraints automatically modified by game data.

triangle   An AI-powered tool that makes sure that the game model behaves within these high level constraints.

triangle   Automatic output of all game constants/variables in any desired format (usually json or xml), so developers can load them directly into the game.

What I need from you:

triangle   A developer and a designer that are willing to provide me with all the data needed as well as the game model.

triangle    (Optional) A data scientist that is willing to provide me with the game data input for the tool.

5 Reasons To Use Automated Game Balancing.

triangle     Well balanced games are played a lot longer, resulting in extra revenue.

triangle     Save precious time of your game designer by outsourcing game balance.

triangle     The game designer gets full control of the game’s behavior.

triangle     Experiment with the game’s behavior on a high level early in development.

triangle     Use game behavior tweaks based on player data as an input for the balancing tool.

I Make Sure Games Behave As Intended.

Ludible understands game balancing at its core. Beyond using AI techniques for tweaking individual game values automatically or finding exploits, I balance the game model as a whole, using algorithms, probability models and simulation techniques, while making sure that all strategies designed by the game designer will be equally viable and player choices are relevant. Based on the desired game behavior the game designer provides to me, I calculate all game values to make sure that the game behaves as it was intended. The end result is a balanced game.



Autobalance the whole game*

Receive statistical data reports

Autobalance during development*

Get the dynamic tool**

Quick Fix

Design Balance

No Middle Man









* The balanced game values are delivered in any desired format like json, so they can be imported automatically directly in the game engine.

** The autobalance tool is put on a dedicated website on which you can input the values and read the results immediately, so you can autobalance whenever you want and how often you want!

*** The auto-balancing of a part of the game, for instance just the game economy, the combat model, or a monetization layer.

**** Let’s discuss what you need and I’m sure we’ll figure out how I can provide what you need.

Let me help you take the next step towards a balanced and even better game!”

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